Tank Terminal Infographic: 2023 Update

Our Tank Terminal Infographic 2023 Update gives you a visual representation of crucial data shaping the industry.  As we help companies in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain, we like focusing on tank terminals as critical storage and distribution facilities in the sector.

Tank terminal Infographic review

Tank terminals are facilities used for the storage of liquid bulk, including crude, petroleum products, and petrochemical products. We sourced the data in our infographic from the leading global tank storage database www.tankterminals.com, which lists tank terminals, petroleum refineries, crude petroleum export terminals, chemical sites, olefin plants, LNG plants, vegetable oil refineries, and much more. 

There are 7,935 tank terminals globally, with a total storage capacity of around 1.6 million CBM. 33% of these tank terminals are operated by independent operators, while 67% are captive or semi-captive terminals. The top 5 tank terminal operators, based on the number of storage tanks, are Royal Vopak, Kinder Morgan, Buckeye Partners, and Exolum International. There are five industry storage hubs in shipping ports worldwide with a total storage capacity of 103,833 KCBM. The hub with the largest capacity is ARA (42%), covering the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, followed by Houston (22%), Singapore (16%), Ulsan (10%), and Fujairah (10%).

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