Tank Container Infographic: 2023 Update

Our Tank Container Infographic 2023 Update gives you a visual representation of crucial data shaping the industry. As we help companies in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain, we like focusing on tank containers to transport liquid bulk cargoes in smaller lot sizes.

Tank Container Infographic 2023 Review

Tank containers or ISO tanks are intermodal containers used for the transport of liquids and gases in bulk. We sourced the data in our Infographic from the International Tank Container Association (ITCO), the industry association promoting tank containers as safe, cost-efficient, and flexible means of transport. ITCO designs the framework and platform for the strengthening and future growth of the global tank container sector.

The global tank container fleet consists of 736,935 tanks. 66% of these tanks are managed by more than 235 active tank container operators. The top 5 tank containers are Stolt Tank Container, Newport, Hoyer Group, Bertschi Group, and China Railway Logistics. Leasing companies also operate tank containers, with the top three controlling 164,850 ISO tanks. The top three leasing companies consist of EXCIF Worldwide, operating 43% of these tanks, followed by Eurotainer with 31%, and SEACO Global with 25%.

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