Insightful webinar for the liquid bulk & chemical industry.

From my years of experience working in the liquid bulk and chemical industry, I’ve aligned all the crucial parts that resulted in supply chain success time and time again.

I learned all of this the hard way over more than 25 years in the industry, but the beautiful part is that I have created a simple and scalable playbook that you can start using immediately.

The webinar introduces you to the activities of our program and focuses on creating supply chain resilience and sustainability with our two unique hands-on methods.

In the webinar you will discover:

– How do traders in the liquid bulk industry make money

– How to build a resilient liquid bulk supply chain with parcel tankers, tank storage, tank containers, and other logistics options

– How to create a sustainable supply chain and develop HSEQ capabilities in 5 steps

6 costly mistakes you should avoid

– The opportunities our methods offer for your company and for you personally

– How to systematically grow your business presence, service, and results

Everyone can have access to knowledge and implement proven systems to increase their supply chain resilience and sustainability.

And, imagine being able to start implementing immediately what you learn in the coming months!

What would that mean for you personally and your business this year? More business opportunities are within reach!

I would say, join in and give yourself this chance!

The next live webinar lasts one hour, is interactive (there is an opportunity to ask questions), and is free of charge.

You just need to sign up.

See you there!


Hurry Up! The webinar starts in...

From production to delivery: How to effortlessly build a resilient and sustainable liquid bulk supply chain.

7 February 2023 @ 5 PM to 6 PM Taipei/Hong Kong/Singapore time