In our Bootcamp you lay the foundation for developing supply chain excellence: you create a sustainable and resilient supply chain, and your business opportunities and profit increase.


Can you imagine it? A moment out of your daily workload. Just great! Two days for yourself, full of inspiration that will make you look at your opportunities in a new way. A different and positive mindset is the result of this.


No boring lectures, but intensive and interactive presentations, business cases, and exercises. And not only that, you immediately get to work with the knowledge obtained to determine the improvements you need to make.


You have abundant opportunity to get in touch with other industry players, who may be in the same phase as you. And you have the chance to meet other people who can make a valuable contribution to your company.

Our Bootcamp is made for ambitious people and businesses who are ready to make a change. Regardless of your products, company size, market size, or sector (petroleum, petrochemicals, or chemicals). In our Bootcamp you will discover which systems you need to develop to create a resilient and sustainable supply chain.


Welcome to our Taipei Bootcamp! Taipei is a beautiful city whose allure lies in its blend of Chinese culture with a curious fusion of Japanese, Southeast Asian, and American influences.  On top of all the workshops, we will organize fun activities in Taipei, which has been awarded “Top 10 city to travel to in 2022″!


If you want us to come to your office to provide our Bootcamp for your Team, you can contact me.