Our Company

An independent consulting business specialised in the liquid bulk & chemical supply chain offering comprehensive services for a wide range of business needs.


ener8 limited was founded in Hong Kong in October 2015 by Rudi Stalmans to embark on its mission to become the leading advisory in the industry.

Our management has a strong background in the Asia Pacific dating back to 1992 and has more than 20 years of experience in liquid bulk and chemical logistics, supply chain management, business development and marketing.

With this strong foundation, this is how our story started.

Mission & vision

Our mission is to make a contribution to the creation of sustainable and efficient supply chains for our clients by being the leading advisory in the Asia Pacific.



We are innovative, customer focused and are working towards the highest quality and excellence. We are honest, open, ethical and fair in everything we do, prioritising our ambition to be a sustainable company.

Working with us

Provides insights
Supports smart decisions
Creates excellence
Helps continuous improvements

Our management


Rudi Stalmans

Managing Director

Rudi has a strong background in the Asia Pacific dating back to 1992 and has more than 20 years of experience in bulk liquid chemical logistics and supply chain management, business development and marketing. Having worked for both cargo owners and service providers, Rudi has a clear understanding of the different perspectives of all the stakeholders in the supply chain.

Starting his career in 1996 with Expeditors in Belgium, Rudi moved to Asia in 1998, when he joined Vopak in Taiwan gaining experience offering integrated supply chain solutions including storage, freight and transportation management.

In 2002 Rudi returned to Belgium, joining Total Petrochemicals, where he held various logistics posts. In 2005 Rudi went back to Asia for Total, where he was Logistics Manager for the Asia Pacific in Hong Kong, responsible for developing Total’s regional bulk chemical logistics.

In April 2010 Rudi joined SPI Marine in Singapore as General Manager Integrated Logistics Solutions and helped to transform the company from a shipbroker into a bulk liquid shipping and logistics solutions provider. Early 2014 he assisted SPI Marine in forming Contralo Asia, a company specialised in forwarding services for bulk liquids, including Isotanks and Flexitanks.

Rudi founded ener8 limited in Hong Kong in October 2015 and set up a branch office in Taipei.


Our brand name ener8 is made of “ENER” and the number “8”.

ENER comes from the verb to energize or in the context of our business, to enable, while 8 is a lucky number in Chinese as it sounds similar to the word that means prosper or wealth. 8 also stands for balance and signifies our ability to find and provide advice on the best solutions.

Our main colors are blue, green and grey. Blue represents our honesty, trust and high values, while it also shows our strength to facilitate. Green represents our energy for growth and emphasises that we care about the environment and want to build a sustainable company. Grey is associated with balance and our neutrality, while it stresses our responsibility.