Understanding The Petrochemical Supply Chain

Do you want to better understand the liquid bulk petrochemical supply chain in which you are operating? Employee training will not only provide benefits to an individual but also to a business, helping your company to continue running effectively. Our two-day petrochemical supply chain training is therefore well worth the investment because building up the skills within the business will effectively improve your bottom line.

Top benefits of our training

Employees are the key asset in driving a business forward, so focusing on personal development is crucial.

The below seven benefits will show you exactly why you should consider our training.

  • Staying ahead of the competition: When you make sure your employees are always advancing, you will continue to move ahead and stay competitive within the marketplace.
  • Maintaining knowledge: Skills need to be used and refreshed on a regular basis to preserve knowledge.
  • Improving employee skills: Employees that have good knowledge will bring more to the table, and your business will reap the benefits.
  • Finding synergies: By identifying gaps, there is time to train staff in these required areas and to create more synergies between different departments.
  • Keeping up with industry changes: It is important for a business to avoid being left behind since industries are always changing. A company needs to make sure the knowledge and skills of all staff are up to date.
  • Increasing job satisfaction: Increasing productivity and reducing employee turnover is often the result of staff having a high sense of job satisfaction, which improves their motivation.
  • Providing internal promotion opportunities: With ongoing training, existing staff can become more eligible for internal promotions, guaranteeing knowledge of your business, correct skill set and trust.

Petrochemical supply chain training introduction

Our petrochemical supply chain training is designed for logistics & commercial departments of liquid bulk petrochemical companies but is very relevant to anyone active in the liquid bulk and chemical supply chain, including traders, tank terminals, shipping and logistics companies.

This course will take participants through the petrochemical supply chain from production, commercial transactions to learning how to set up a sustainable supply chain using chemical parcel tankers, tank terminals, barges, tank containers, flexitanks, drums and IBCs.  We will also look at best practices and vetting.

We are here to share experience and help you to increase knowledge, improve cooperation, find synergies and make better commercial and logistics deals.  This is an interactive training involving participants with Q&A and exercises. After completion participant will receive a certificate of participation and take home a printed syllabus with course material. Read the full training program.

Upcoming training schedule

While we are happy to come to you to provide an in-company training, we offer regular courses at our training centers in Taipei and Breda. Below is our upcoming schedule:

  • Taipei, on 21 & 22 November 2019 – ener8 training center
  • Breda, on 20 & 27 January 2020 – Insights Global training center

Explore our latest schedule.


Training is crucial for your staff’s development and the success of your business.

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