Safe, Efficient And Sustainable Logistics Is A Shared Responsibility!

Accidents such as the Tianjin explosion in August 2015 that killed over one hundred people and interrupted normal port operations remind us of the importance of safe handling of dangerous goods and hazardous materials throughout the supply chain.  It’s crucial to work towards safe, efficient and sustainable logistics.

From origin to destination, people and companies involved in the safe handling, transport, and clearance of these goods must be trained, certified and registered as per the regulatory demands on their role.

Ensuring safe transport and handling of its products, with care for the environment and in full accordance with regulations, is of key importance for the image and reputation of the industry.

We should always promote excellence in supply chain operations to achieve higher efficiency, make better use of available resources and reduce the impact on the environment.

The cooperation between the chemical industry and the transport & logistics industry to create best practice guidelines is, therefore, very important to contribute to the safety and sustainability of global transport and logistics operations.

Safe, efficient and sustainable logistics is critical to the future of our industry.

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock