Infographic: Tank Terminal Challenges

Are you an operator or user of tank terminal facilities? Or, are you considering an investment in liquid bulk storage facilities? Focusing on the three areas highlighted in our Infographic – Tank Terminal Challenges – will help you to make wise decisions.

Tank terminals functions

Before reviewing our Infographic, we want to address the different functions terminals can play. Tank storage facilities play an important role in the liquid bulk supply chain, either as an import-export-distribution terminal, industrial terminal, or hub terminal.

Below is a brief overview of these different terminal types.

  • Import-Export-Distribution Terminal – Point at origin for inland distribution by inland shipping, truck, pipeline and rail. It could also function as a consolidation point for small parcels delivered from an inland production facility to create large parcels for overseas export.
  • Industrial Terminal – Logistics center connected via pipelines to an industrial complex to support product flows and the supply & export of feedstock and finished products.
  • Hub Terminal – Combines the function of an import-export-distribution terminal with that of a place to gather for trade.

Terminals in the supply chain

Customers that use liquid bulk storage terminals often have to handle complex and long supply chains, so terminal operators need to understand that storage is just a small part of the overall supply chain. We, therefore, would like to stress that it will be highly beneficial to terminals to have a better understanding of the overall supply chain and intentions of the users of terminals.

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Infographic: Tank Terminal Challenges

We have cut through the noise and put together a comprehensive and easy to understand Infographic.

Tank terminal due diligence

Evaluating tank terminal assets should be done by breaking down the locational, market segment, and functional features of the assets, together with a review of the social, cultural, legal, economic, political, technological, and technical environment.   

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With the right focus and well-designed strategy, investors and users will be able to select the assets that best meet their needs. Tank terminal operators, on the other hand, can pay attention to the performance of their terminal to increase value.

Photo and Infographic Credit: Rudigerstal